Best Of Cheap Wedding Venues In Los Angeles that are Totally Budget-Friendly

Cheap Wedding Venues In Los Angeles Awesome Cheap Wedding Venues In the Los Angeles area
Cheap Wedding Venues In Los Angeles Awesome Cheap Wedding Venues In the Los Angeles area

Best Of Cheap Wedding Venues In Los AngelesPlanning a wedding is not cheap and one major contributing factor is usually booking the wedding venue. Everyone wants a nice beautiful venue for their big “I do” day which is affordable and doesn’t cause a mini heart attack when they hear how much it charges. Granted, everyone has their own different opinion on the word “cheap” for it is a highly subjective matter, but our collection of 5 cheap wedding venues in Los Angeles is some of the most reasonably priced options that you could come across. Saving you time and of course money, check them out below.

Orcutt Ranch

Are you a fan of outdoor weddings? Then this 24 acres of gardens that also includes a citrus orchard and a rose garden might be your ideal choice. They only charge you $ 2,114 for six hours of use on a Sunday, Saturday or Friday and you will be charged less ($ 1,354) for week days. Furthermore, if everything goes smoothly, you will be receiving a $ 500 deposit which is included in that price. This cost already covers two security guards as well. All rentals such as food, lighting, chairs and tables are not included. This gives you the freedom to spend as little or as much as you would like though. Should you be planning to have alcohol at your wedding, then you have to go through their vendor.

Angels Gate Park

Another option for outdoor wedding fans. Surrounded by a massive manicured lawn, this venue is situated right by the beach with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. This cheap wedding venue in Los Angeles is home to the Fort MacArthur Museum and the Korean Bell of Friendship. This venue is available for ceremonies for two hours only. Unlike the previous venue, this one costs only $566 so it is definitely a great alternative if you still want an outdoor wedding but think the Orcutt Ranch is a little bit more out of your budget. The price already includes a hundred bucks refundable cleaning deposit.

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Albertson Wedding Chapel

This option is reserved for couples looking to have a small wedding. Just an FYI, small here means 32 guests or less. The Albertson Wedding Chapel offers a few ceremony packages which starts from about $295 up to $ 1,364. This one is an all-inclusive “soul mates” package so it is guaranteed to worth every penny. It already includes the venue itself, an officiant, a photographer, two coordinators, videographer, and access to the bridal room, marriage license as well as a bouquet set. Certainly a reasonable price that won’t cause an instant regret, right? Meanwhile, should you be interested in renting the venue for both reception as well as the ceremony, all inclusive packages starts only at about $ 5,450 with a maximum 28 guests up to $ 5,850 with 36 people capacity.  If you are familiar with a show called Project Runway season 1 and 2, then you must know Daniel Franco. It just so happens that he owns the chapel.

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Wayfarers Chapel

This glass church venue is located in the affluent area of Rancho Palos Verdes and its breathtaking ocean views offer you the most beautiful place you could possibly want to say “I do”. The church has a magnificent architecture inside. However, pay attention to the fact that you can get this venue on Tuesdays for as low as $ 1,500 but they will charge you from $ 2,900 up to $ 3,400 on Fridays to Sundays for the prime 4 and 6 pm slots. Furthermore, it does not have an area for a reception taking place on the grounds so these prices means you can only use the venue for ceremony, wedding music played by a keyboardist with candles on the altar, a chapel minister to officiate the wedding and photos for only two hours. So, these are some hitches you need to take into account. Nevertheless, the church is ready with white flowers placed around the venue so you needn’t spend money for decoration and flowers. Bottom line, this venue is the perfect cheap wedding venue in Los Angeles for couples on a really tight budget who only looks to have a ceremony minus the reception.

The Daily Dose

You might wonder at first as to why a seemingly ordinary coffee shop is on this list. Well, what you may not know about this place is that they offer wedding venue business as well. They will charge you for $ 2,500 if you use their catering service on a Friday-Sunday and this already includes both the reception and ceremony sites. Generally speaking, the cost already covers most of the furnishings you could possibly need. However, you may still have to rent linens and flatware and maybe for some other items depending on how huge the wedding will be. FYI, you need to pay extra fee for cleaning, labor as well as the fact you will be having a manager on site which will roughly cost you $ 870. However, this venue will save you some money because a set menu buffet-style is only $33 ahead. This is such a big bargain that you couldn’t possibly refuse.

For such reasonable prices, these cheap wedding venues in Los Angeles still offer such nice venues with stunning views guaranteed to make your dream wedding come true.